Ko Okamoto

1988年    福岡生まれ。
2017年 写真の活動を始める。
2023年    「やわらかくて あたたかい」写真集(自費出版)



Born in 1988. Born in Fukuoka and from Okayama Prefecture. Living in Tokyo.2011 Graduated from University of Hyogo, Department of International Economics

Continues “everyday expressions” and “writing travel articles” that combine photographs and words.
Taking up the theme of casual city scenery and various people, he is energetically presenting his works in photo exhibitions and SNS.
A representative work is a project called "Etajima citizens are PR ambassadors" at the request of Etajima City, Hiroshima Prefecture. About 70 groups of citizens were photographed over two days, and a photo exhibition was held.

He manages "Tabisuru Photo Magazine M and W" and also handles photography and travel media.


2019/6    グループ展私的写真集展@LE DECO(東京都)
2019/8    グループ展Heart Beat  “Happiness” 2019@旧日本銀行広島(広島県)
2020/1    グループ展Update!「印象」@cafebresson(広島県)
2020/9   グループ展colors tone2020@りんご堂(広島県)
2021/2    個展「江田島市民がPR大使」@イオンモール祇園店(広島県)
2021/3    グループ展「君はまだ十日市を知らない」@りんご堂(広島県)
2021/3    個展「住まうように暮らす展」@kirosharehotel(広島県)
2021/7   グループ展「君はまだ十日市を知らない」@廃墟ギャラリー(広島県)
2021/12  グループ展「写真展エス」@LE DECO(東京都)
2022/3    個展「Calm time」@Ponte tataka(広島県)
2022/8    グループ展「旅する写真展MとW」@全国各地
2022/12   グループ展「写真展エス」@3331ギャラリー(東京都)
2023/2 個展「やわらかくて あたたかい」@日日ヘアサロン(東京都)
2023/3    グループ展「写真展AS」@横浜市民ギャラリー(神奈川県)
2023/4    グループ展「写真展壁」@LE DECO(東京都)
2023/12   個展「craft wood by masterwal」@masterwal(岡山県)

2019/6 Group exhibition private photo collection @LE DECO (Tokyo)
2019/8 Group exhibition Heart Beat “Happiness” 2019 @ Former Bank of Japan Hiroshima (Hiroshima)
2020/1 Group exhibition Update! “Impression” @cafebresson (Hiroshima)
2020/9 Group exhibition colors tone2020@Ringodo (Hiroshima)
2021/2 Solo exhibition “Etajima citizens are PR ambassadors” @AEON MALL Gion store (Hiroshima)
2021/3 Group exhibition "You don't know Tokaichi yet" @Ringodo (Hiroshima)
2021/3 Solo exhibition "Exhibition to live like living" @kirosharehotel (Hiroshima)
2021/7 Group exhibition "You don't know Tokaichi yet" @ Ruined Gallery (Hiroshima) 2021/12 Group exhibition "Photo Exhibition S" @ LE DECO (Tokyo)
2022/3 Solo exhibition "Calm time" @Ponte tataka (Hiroshima)
2022/8 Group exhibition "Traveling Photo Exhibition M and W" @ all over Japan
2022/12 Group exhibition “Photo Exhibition S” @ 3331 Gallery (Tokyo)
2023/2 Solo exhibition "Soft and Warm" @ Nichi Nichi Hair Salon (Tokyo)
2023/3 Group exhibition "Photo Exhibition AS" @ Yokohama Citizen's Gallery (Kanagawa)
2023/4 Group exhibition "Photo Exhibition Kabe" @ LE DECO (Tokyo)
2023/12  Solo exhibition "craftwood by masterwl"@masterwal(Okayama) 


it company様 / 播磨屋茶舗様 / any carry様 / ホーン様 / 日本ベット製造様 / 江田島市様 and more


"Heartbeat PhotoContest 'Happiness' 2019" Cinematic Photo Award

"3rd EDION Tsutaya Home Appliances Photo Contest" Award
"Luminar Photo Contest" Portrait Award



【レンズ1本だけ持っていくなら?】【TAMRON】タムロンSP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2レンズの写真と動画撮って出しレビュー

【NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2】小型で軽量なレンズでピクニックへ。